Kirtan is easily described as musical meditation, but it’s much, much more than that. Kirtan is an ancient mantra practice that creates a sense of completeness, unity, and harmony in the mind, body and spirit. This repetition of powerful mantra has the power to peel back the layers of the ego, and to let the inner jewel of the soul shine forth.

Tom has been practising and leading Kirtan in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Europe since 2017, from festivals to ashrams, wellness retreats to yoga studios. He creates energising atmospheres with creativity, confidence, and joy; playing the guitar, harmonium, percussion and the harmonica. From blues and rock-inspired dance-alongs to traditional heart-wrenching melodies, Tom brings a modern sound to a practice with thousands of years of tradition.

Tom leads Kirtan around the world and is currently in Vancouver, BC, Canada. For his latest movements, follow him on Instagram.

What a joy to vibrate in resonance and rhythm with Tom Jones and the tribe of togetherness he evokes through the journey of Kirtan. I am so grateful to Tom for his humility, peaceful presence and the yogic wisdom he brings so eloquently through in his transmission. Tom's Kirtan creates a foundation for love in community and the space for us all to sing our souls into joy filled radiance! - Sandi Murphy ~ Studio Owner, Nadi Wellness