"Always a pleasure, never a chore." Thank you to a brilliant Gran.

We don’t get many grandmothers in our lives, but I was lucky to have two sterling examples of them. Grandma Andrew left us 2 years ago, and Granny Joyce left us, peacefully, earlier this week. This blog post is to honor the brilliant, immaculately-groomed, ever-dancing, globe-trotting, always-early-to-everything inspiration that was Granny Joyce. She had a few sayings that I’ll always remember her by that sum her up so nicely:

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Able Bodied, Able Minded... Abel Tasman: A Great Walk

Not many days pass by in this country where I don’t appreciate my able body... Hours spent out in the sun, in the rain, in the wide open spaces, and amongst the minty forest air. Spectacular, gorgeous in it’s detail, full of surprises, New Zealand is a perfect land to unleash the inner explorer.

Alive with our 2018 pre-Christmas spirit, five of us road-tripped from Queenstown to the north-west coast of the South Island to walk the Great Walk, the Abel Tasman Track. Here’s the highlight reel!

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