Refreshing my approach... With a cold dip.

Portrait of female in water

2018 has been an odd year for photography and me. I've stepped away from shooting, giving myself a break, allowing myself to connect with life outside of the medium, and hoping I'd find a refreshed connection with photography itself. I've been teaching yoga and guiding retreats at the brilliant Aro Ha, connecting to a new community, and learning about myself

I have a few photography-related reflections from these last months:

  • How much does photographing a "moment" remove us (the photographers) from that moment? I've spent years feeling I've found a balance between shooting and being an active participant, but recently I've found much more enjoyment allowing myself to be a full participant, without the camera. I'm now trying to slowly allow the camera to re-enter the scenario, consciously and mindfully. And rather than shoot everything I'm doing, I'm creating scenarios, particularly for a photo, like the shots of my friend Vicky in the water here. It means I'm documenting my life less, but I feel I'm living it more.

  • It seems there's data to back up this above point. Here's an interesting article about how photographing moments can impair our memories of them -

  • Why are we shooting? I noticed that, through building a small online following and being an active instagrammer, I've created and online persona that doesn't necessarily reflect who I am, but rather is a curated reflection of the best parts of me. Social media is a powerful tool, but there are lots of folks who perhaps might feel worse about their life after flicking through a seemingly perfect one. I'm posting less and less with this in mind, and trying to post in a more motivational, less "showing off" style.

I'm hoping to start shooting more in the coming months. It's winter here in Glenorchy, it's freeeezing, but the light is so beautiful, and I'm surrounded by incredible snow-capped mountains. It's a photographer's paradise, and I'm intending to shoot as mindfully as possible. More yoga shots, more portraits, more art.

If you're around the Queenstown area, get in touch and we can create something beautiful and conscious!

Here are some shots I recently took of my beautiful friend Vicky... I suggested we get in Lake Wakatipu around sunset, when the warmth of the water creates a mist in the cool air. The air is about 4 degrees and the water's "warmth" is about 9. Vicky agreed to jump in without hesitation. Phoaw!