Be a force for positive change.

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2018 marks 8 years since I've called myself vegan.

A lot of people are taken aback when they hear I've been eating & living this way for some time now, and all I can honestly say is that I love this lifestyle choice.

Why? Not only because I love the foods I make and the restaurants I eat in, (because I really do) but because I know I'm helping contribute towards positive change in the world by not harming others.

One point that's surfaced often in the frequent vegan conversations is...

"But one person's actions won't help... We're just a drop in the ocean..."

In an often difficult world, I understand why people may take this glass-half-empty point of view but let me be clear...

Your actions matter.

Let us not spend our days complaining about the Trumps of the world. Instead, lets work together to create the positive change that is needed to make the world a better place... 

Below you'll find a few things I've been doing to spread positivity.

Smiles at Byron Bay Spirit Festival - Bess Prescot of Creature Yoga
Dance like no one's watching.

Dance like no one's watching.

Avoid contributing towards harmful industry, like the meat, fish & dairy industries.

Avoid contributing towards harmful industry, like the meat, fish & dairy industries.

  • Give time to people. From helping calm the flight-anxious girl next to me in-flight, to being happily patient with tourists that are keen on lengthy interactions, lets give our time generously to those who need it. I've also been a regular part of the Fluro Friday movement, a mental health awareness community created by One Wave.
  • Smile and say G'day. Hand in hand with the point above... I've been going out of my way to smile and say hello to the folks I pass each day, and they're always smiling back.
  • Eat peacefully. I'm always aware of what's on my plate, cutting out products that have caused pain and suffering other beings. You can try it too, there's plenty of great info online.
  • Give you skills. Whether it's playing guitar, taking photos, teaching yoga or cooking up a feast, be generous with your skills, and ao so without expecting anything in return. I recently made someone's day by whistling and playing Don't Worry Be Happy... the 5 mins chatting and playing music with this young lad on a street bench turned his mood around.
  • Leave the place cleaner than you found it. I love the Take3 campaign. They encourage taking extra rubbish with you when you leave the beach... If you see an empty wrapper, bottle, or ciggie butt? Pick it up and bin it.
  • Think nicely. Every action and word begins as a thought, so practice being nice in thought, and your words & actions will follow suit.
  • Give time & kindness to yourself. Be kind with yourself. Practice yoga or meditiation, or surf, or cycle, or whatever makes you feel good. You can't make the world a more peaceful place when you're not being peaceful or kind to yourself.
  • Don't take yourself seriously. Learn to laugh and smile at yourself and your own ridiculousness. Just the simple fact that we're even alive in the first place is incredible, so enjoy your time.


There's just a few things I've been practicing recently to make the world around me a better place. You don't have to go vegan or give your time to people to make the world a better place, just a small smile to someone who needs it is all it takes.

How are you a force for positive change?

Support environmentally sound businesses when consuming. Featured -  Plant Faced Clothing .

Support environmentally sound businesses when consuming. Featured - Plant Faced Clothing.

Surfing in Sri Lanka


I'd like to dedicate this blog post to my beautiful Grandma who passed away at the end of 2017. She taught me what the word kind truly meant, and she spread nothing but positivity.

Thanks Gran, love and miss you always.

My beautiful Grandma