Penelope Dodd


Six years ago Penelope had an excess of tomatoes from her garden's crop, and an idea was born. An idea that would bring the community of Burnie, North West Tasmania, a little closer together, and much stronger. The idea? To provide healthy, wholesome and nutritious food to those unable to afford it. 

Produce to the People was born, and a large garden, not far from the centre of Burnie, was started. Here, she invites locals to come and help themselves to tasty and delicious fruits & vegetables, grown on site, or donated by generous nearby farmers. 

It's an incredible cause who's primary aim is to help the beautiful people of NW Tas who are in need of it most. It's a contant challenge to run a movement like this, and one that's reliant on member of the community to help, both financially, and with labour. So if you're in any position to help, look at their site or drop in and say hi -

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