Polly McGee



I could leave it at that, but I suppose I should make my blog a little more interesting than that. The thing is, when it comes to Polly McGee, it's hard to know where to start... 

Start-Up business Consultant, Author, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Buddhist, ABC Radio Host, Tattoo Fiend, Avid Swearer, Vegan, Soon-to-be Nun, Loving Wife, Cafe Owner, Wine Explorer, Obsessive Reader, Keen Traveller, Caring Friend... I could go on for a while. 

To make my day easier, I thought I'd just ask Polly what to write: 

 "My single pointed mission is to walk amongst people in a way that enables joy and happiness, and that has taken lots of different forms, jobs and incarnations."

She says that each reinvention is whatever was needed at the time, and living like this has given her a broad view of he world. It's enabled her to dip into lots of people's lives, creating shared experiences that benefit everyone. I call her a legend because she really does make time for absolutely everyone, and she offers everything she can to anyone. 

Her guru says to love, serve and feed, and that's exactly what Polly does, and so brilliantly, positively, and beautifully. 

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