Benoit & Bérénice

I met this French couple towards the end of their lengthy trip around Australia, a trip which saw their paths meet and a relationship begin, and a trip which has seen them chase beautiful scenery and dangerous animals. Sounds good!

The forest they're photographed in is near the town of Bulahdelah, and with the sky-scraping ghost gum trees, eerie graffiti, and the creepy driver that pulled over in his car to watch us from afar, it was a really strange place to be. I'm a skeptic when it comes to talking about the "energy" of a place, but the energy here was off, and both Ella and I felt it. After a quick google search told us there had been bodies uncovered nearby in the past, our suspicions were confirmed - we were in the creepiest place in NSW! We decided that instead of having our experience be dictated by the energy we sensed, we'd work to positively change the vibes there, and thats what we did. Chilling under the night sky, beside the fire, giggling and loosing our minds in the best of ways...

Tom JonesComment