Sigrid Tasies

First of all, go check out Sigrid's new website - - and check out the awesome yoga poses she's been working on, and maybe even book yourself a class! I shot the piccies on her site and helped her put it all together, and we're really proud of it!

Sigrid is a good friend of mine from the Bondi Bubble, and a friend who, since meeting in a bar some years ago, has experienced some of life's big moments with me. Notably, our yoga teacher training in mid-2016, which saw us go a bit crazy at each other, but ultimately brought us closer together.

She's a very passionate and fiery young Catalonian who's incredibly driven to live in a way that benefits the world and those around her. Whether it's through her vegan diet or her sustainable fashion sense, Sigrid is a conscious resident of this earth, and I wouldn't want to attend an all-night cliff-side sober rave with anyone else. She'll also jump into the ocean wearing her last dry piece of clothing at 8am on a cold Sunday morning just so I could take this shot. Keep it up Sig X

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