Adam Whiting - The People


There have been a lot of yogis, both teachers and students, on this blog, and now Adam is adding his name onto that list too. (I'm surrounded by such great people!)

Without Adam I actually wouldn't be where I am today, so Adam, mate, you've got a lot to answer for. 

He's been a great source of inspiration for me, bringing such creative, light hearted, musical and social elements to my yoga practice. He was the first to help me understand the foundations of yoga through Power Living's Modern Yogi course in 2015 and it was him that encouraged me on my own path of becoming a teacher myself. So thanks Adam!

I also credit him for my daily 3:33pm alarm that reminds me to pause, inhale 3 breaths, and bring a sense of calm to my day... try it yourself!

After the 9/11 attacks in the states, Adam wasn't in a great headspace, and discovering mediation & yoga pulled him from a dark place. Now, over a decade later, he's teaching classes around the world, helping people steer their own lives towards a place of happiness. 

I look forward to continuing my learning with you Adam. Namaste.