Nathan Barlow - The People


Nathan and his lamb-lookalike companion Jax have been good mates of mine for the best part of the last 4 years, and have both been excellent fellow adventurers. 

After having a beer with his grandad the day we first worked with each other, my city pad soon became his weekend hostel. Years later we've explore the NSW coast thoroughly, and circumnavigated Tasmania, capturing the state's beauty through our respective lenses. We've also both enjoyed the Bondi life a little too much. 

Nath is a very talented Director of Photography (here's one of my favourite videos we made together - ), a keen surfer, a surprisingly good skater (I've seen him face some pretty high sets of stairs), and one of my favourite people to sip coffee/beer (in the am/pm respectively) with. Keep on taking it easy Nath, and Jaxo, keep making everyone smile.