The world is full of characters, and everyone has a story...


In 2012 I set out to photograph a new person every day for a year. I photographed my girlfriend, best mates, and colleagues, and quickly realised I'd need to venture out onto the streets... to meet strangers. Yikes!

A year later I had a completed project that had evolved into something far beyond a set of portraits. By photographing and interviewing 365 People, I created a beautiful collage that highlights how wonderful and varied we humans really are.

In 2014 I held an exhibition showcasing each and every one of these portraits, and I was supported in doing so by Red Bull, Bulleit Bourbon, Fairfax Media and Broadsheet Sydney. An incredible experience, and one I feel so privileged and fortunate to have had.

What did I learn? To say G'day to someone new, every day.